Hard drives forensic examiners tackle may be as little as 20 gigabytes, or some newer drives are 250 gigabytes, even up to 750 gigabytes.
Computer forensic examiners, using special computer forensic software, first acquire an image of the target media, then do an analysis.
A lot of the evidence you seek will not be visible to the untrained eye. You won’t find it in a Word document by using Windows Explorer, or by starting a program from a shortcut on the desktop.

Services we offer

In short...

TAC Forensics and Investigations is a full-service investigative firm specializing in computer, cell phone and PDA forensics. We are committed to provide excellent, timely services, with integrity and ethics as our watchwords in every investigative step.

Private Investigations

We service attorneys, private investigators, corporations, small businesses and law enforcement agencies. Our seasoned computer crime investigators/forensic analysts know how to properly handle critical evidence, how to safeguard sensitive materials, and put together forensic investigations reports that easily distill complex digital evidence so the customer doesn't have to strain to interpret its meaning or apply the evidence discovered.

If you need immediate, in-depth reporting to resolve a concern or work a case that will stand up in court, you can rely on our expertise. We specialize in quick-turnaround investigations that provide you results to move on a resolution very quickly. We are  Fully insured by Brownyard Programs, Ltd.

TAC Forensics and Investigation private investigators provide our clients with accurate answers to their questions in a professional, cost-effective and confidential manner. By hiring us to work your case, you are getting the assistance of a professional with excellent knowledge, skills and an attitude to fulfill every assignment to your satisfaction.

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 Preservation and analysis
  • Make exact image copies of hard drives, floppy disks, zip disks, CD ROMs and other media
  • Crack passwords
  • Search for keywords of the investigation
  • Find and recover documents, digital photos, e-mail, financial information and other evidentiary materials
  • Recover data whether it was deleted accidentally or intentionally
  • Put discovered digital evidence on a timeline, when possible (date the document was created or deleted, date the e-mail was sent, etc.)
Membership in
  • Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC – senior member)
  • National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS)
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB)
  • Colorado Association of Computer Crime Investigators (CACCI)
  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
  • EnCE certification (EnCase computer forensics – Guidance Software)
  • Paraben-certified cell phone and PDA examiner
  • 260+ computer forensic examinations
  • Published nationally 100+ times, one-quarter of the articles on computer crime and Internet investigations
Search and seizure
  • Consult on search and seizure procedures
  • Consult on search warrant preparation
  • Assist with on-site search and seizure of computers
  • Your digital evidence returned to you in whatever format you wish:
  • on CD, removable disks, tape, or paper
  • Experienced expert court testimony